Brave Faces: Lone Parent Fathers

MA Project: University of Falmouth

Just two percent of families in the UK are classified as those of “lone fathers” (1). From the age of three until nine years old, my own family (my father and I) was one of them. I might never have conceived of lone fatherhood forming a photographic project had I not seen a guest lecture at the University Falmouth by the Romanian artist Andre Nacu, who provided a fleeting glimpse of a piece of work he had done with a lone mother and her children. “What about lone fathers?” Cried out a previously unheard voice inside me. Indeed, Laurence, what about them? The starting point in answering that question begins with my own father, Peter. “What about you, Dad?” His response - supportive, engaging and substantive as always - came in the form of an unpublished manuscript for a novel, called Brave Faces. In it, he tells the story of his marital break-up with my mother and our early years together.

About the Project

I hope to have the project completed by November 2021

Ongoing project work