Inside Reggie Kray’s old prison cell at Blundeston

There are some places you never imagine you’ll end up. Take, for example, the prison cell which was once home to one of east London’s most notorious gangsters. Reggie Kray, to be precise. He was once at the now defunct HMP Blundeston near Lowestoft. I’m told by a former guard he never requested his personal […]

An amputee's leg

Amputees: how people adjust to life after limb loss

Being the odd one out is strangely invigorating, a good-for-the-soul experience. I experienced it being the only white man on a Tanzania-bound cargo ferry, I experienced it working at the no longer extant Disability Rights Commission and I experienced it a couple of weeks back with an inspiring and no-nonsense group of lower limb amputees. […]

Leah Doak (left) and Claire Stevenson (right) are both carers for their mothers

From urban Harrow to rural Norfolk: Carers

Since July this year, I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege to meet and photograph carers from all works of life and situations. A few days ago, some of those stories were published on the BBC News Online website with the title ‘The hidden Lives of those who care’. Not all of the images were […]