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Parenting After Loss

Making the Blankets of Goodbye

The Blanketeers

The people making a difference in England's most deprived area

Happy Club

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How a visitor from Senegal took on a white world

The Black Princess

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'I don't want them thinking this is normal'

High Rise

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Coronavirus: The chaplains at the front line of end-of-life care

Coronavirus has radically altered the working life of hospitals. But it has not just affected the doctors, nurses and ancillary staff. While the main role…

Coronavirus: Inside the hospice caring for the most vulnerable of the vulnerable

They care for dying patients in their final days, but having to shut their charity shops and cancel fundraising events has put UK hospices in…

Take-off | Landing

Poplar pollen leaving the tree. Where some of the pollen landed at the threshold of our front lawn. Or, below, and alternative version.  

Coronavirus: Southwold and Lowestoft

Lowestoft and Southwold sit just 14 miles apart on the eastern edge of England. As the coronavirus outbreak took hold, one was bustling with people,…

Elections, elections, elections: Canvey and Peterborough

Recently dispatched to Canvey Island and Peterborough to photograph the faces of the electorate voting in the European elections and the Peterborough by-elections, here are…


A sweep shot using the Fuji X100S of the Atlantic during a terrific sunset near Cadiz, Spain.

April in Cadiz

The ancient port city of Cadiz is a jewel of an ancient city that keeps watch out over the Atlantic. No, seriously, it takes watching…

Music at the Margins: Creativity in the wake of Gang Violence

Ipswich, Suffolk. Two rival groups of boys and young men engage in a “turf war”, in this case J-Block versus Neno. They start trading insults…

Numbers of falsely accused teachers are of ‘considerable concern’, says union

Last year, I did a piece of work looking into the geography of, and reasons behind, teacher bans. In response, a source at the National…

Presumed Dead: The Torments of Those Left Behind

I first learned of the Presumption of Death act in researching a piece of work I did on unidentified bodies a few years ago. When…