About Laurence

Educated at North Halifax High School and Queens' College, Cambridge (History), Laurence is an award-winning journalist, photographer and, more recently, a television reporter and producer. He was awarded an MA with Distinction in Photography at Falmouth University in 2022 and was named one of the UK and Ireland's emerging photographic talents by Source Magazine in September 2022. Photographic projects in recent years include issues surrounding maternal abandonment, parenting after suicide and the role of carers in both rural and urban settings. His interest in photography began early at the age of six. He watched his father working in a make-shift darkroom (the spare bedroom of their semi-detached home on the Isle of Wight) and revelled at the magic of film development and printing. At the age of six, his father declined to buy Laurence a Canon A-1. So, he made one for himself out of Lego. And won a prize. Laurence likes to believe this was in some way a photography award. Those around him know that was not the case.
Critical Research Journal

Recent Awards

Laurence has been honoured to have won awards across his work in photography, writing and television. These are some of the more recent ones. He readily admits for each award he's won, he always felt there was a more worthy winner on the shortlist.
  • Named emerging photographic talent by Source Magazine (2022) Royal Television Society (East): Best Short Film | Happy Club, shortlist (2020) Ruby Television Award Finalist (2019): Best Digital Impact | BBC Digital England: Best Photography, winner (2019) |
  • The Drum Online Media Awards: Best Specialist, Finalist (2018) | Ruby Television Award Finalist (2018) | Royal Television Society Awards: Nominee Best Digital (2018) | BBC Digital England: Best Photography, winner (2017) |
  • Royal Television Society Awards - best digital content: Winner (May 2017) | BBC Digital England Journalist of the Year (2016) | Ruby Television Award Winner for "Justice on the Cusp of Breakdown" (2016) | The Drum Online Media Awards: Shortlisted (2016) |


Laurence uses a range of equipment in his photographic work. His favourite is his father's old Linhof Super Technika. For most of his personal work he uses a Fuji GFX system (which sometimes is used as a back for the Linhof) and for most of his day to day work he uses a Nikon D810. Photography equipment, of course, are merely tools. It is only ever the output matters.


For whomever such things matter!
  • A Levels in English Literature, History, Economics and General Studies Special Level in English Literature
  • Degree - History (MA Cantab) NCTJ: Pre-Entry to Newspaper Journalism NVQ Level Four in Newspaper Journalism MA Photography (ongoing)