Elections, elections, elections: The thoughts of people in Canvey and Peterborough

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Recently dispatched to Canvey Island and Peterborough to photograph the faces of the electorate voting in the European elections and the Peterborough by-elections, here are some of the fine people I got to meet and some of their thoughts…


“I voted for Brexit in the referendum but now I think I made a mistake.”

“Why do we need to ask Brussels how to spend our money?”

“I would like us to get out of the EU. I will not be voting Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem in the Euro elections. I will be voting for Brexit.”

“I think we should be out. We voted to go out, so we should be out.”

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“There are too many elections, and Brexit is all we hear about.”

Shazad Mahmood

“The hardest part is seeing the election leaflets coming through, promising jobs for English people – it’s discrimination and that’s wrong.”

“I want our MP to live up their policies – to mean what they say they’re going to do locally.”

Angelique Williams

“I want our new MP to be compassionate: a doer – not a taker – someone who will stand up and defend Peterborough.”

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