Faith Spear: The Prison Monitor Who Spoke Out

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I recently wrote a piece about a former prison monitor who had raised concerns about the state of prison monitoring.

As a result of her concerns – voiced anonymously – she was urged to step down as a chairman of the monitoring board she chaired.

And when she then spoke to a newspaper about this, she was suspended and eventually fired.
I was very grateful to Faith Spear – the woman concerned in the case – for taking the time to tell her story.
In age in which dogs riding skateboards appear all the rage, I had not expected the piece – about a prison whistleblower – to generate much interest.

Faith Spear on Ipswich Quay
Faith Spear

It was not a ‘sexy’ story or, I imagined, a particularly shareable one.
But I strongly believed it worth telling.

That about 700,000 people took the time to read the story has both reinvigorated my hope that people really do care about issues that matter and that time spent on such stories is time well spent.

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