Great Faces: A personal reminder of the honour of looking people in the eye

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Today I am taking stock, laying an anchor in time.

For the past couple of months I’ve been leading a hybrid work existence – writing for the BBC news website and trying to learn how to bring large-scale journalism projects to the wicket for television, radio and online. The latter – in the role of producer – has now become my primary role for the next nine months or so.

I’ve been very aware that photography, an aspect of my work I treasure so deeply – has been sidelined. I’ve been filming contributors using camcorders and then having to remind myself to get a still image afterwards. That really grates.

Looking back over the portraits I’ve made over the past few weeks with people, I’m reminded just what a privilege it is to look people in the eye and capture their image.

So today I’m making a self-pledge to put photography back in the heart of my waking days, if not in work then in play.

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