The Midwife Specialising in Baby Deaths

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Just sometimes you get a press release which stops you in your tracks.

A few weeks ago I had one from Colchester Hospital about the appointment of a midwife to a newly created role – a ‘bereavement midwife’.

The incumbent of this new role – Sue Armstrong – specialises in supporting parents after their baby is either stillborn or dies shortly after birth.

When I mentioned this to colleagues, the overwhelming response was that it must be the saddest job around.

Sue doesn’t see it that way. For her, supporting parents coping with the death of the baby is nothing short of a privilege. Telling a little of her world was, personally, something of a privilege too.

Other than that, the past few weeks have ranged from looking at pupil exclusions, learning how to wear a scarf and the efficacy of the British justice system.

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