Linhof Super Technika: Resuming duties

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I have missed the excitement of returning home and finding, amongst the bills and the junkmail, that ever so particular thin brown hard-backed envelope lying there on the floor.

Peak Imaging, based in Sheffield, have thankfully not altered their packaging for since my last order with them a few years back. In this age of relentless re-branding and technological advance, it is strangely reassuring.

Contained within are my latest rolls of 120 medium format film, each one expertly slices and diced into two or three frames before being forensically inserted into protective plastic sleeves. One of these films has been laying in hibernation in the fridge for the best part of three years (I only like to send a batch to Peak Imaging).

I’d largely forgotten what was on some of these films. So getting them back was doubly exciting.

Out comes the old Epson 4990 beast of a flat-bed film scanner and off we go.

I’d forgotten what the best settings were, and making an 11in by 14in scan at 1200 dpi.

Without much effort, this creates a 16,000px x 12000px-ish image, which amounts to a 200mb image. So much for digital medium format. Actually, I don’t really mean that – the quality of today’s MF sensors and lenses are extraordinary and I hanker wildly after the new Fuji GFX 50. But in the meantime, the sublime quality offered by my 50-year-old Linhof will keep me more than happy…

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