A place called Home

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Copley Woods in Halifax is fairly small, often in deep shade and pretty steep.

To most eyes it probably isn’t particularly beautiful. But for me, nowhere in the world makes me feel more at home.

I have a very personal history with these woods, which at the top are bordered by beautiful giant boulders which my hands know well from what is now more than two decades of clambering.

Silver Birch
Silver Birch
Beer can in crags
Beer can in crags

I have sat here with friends late into the night, professed a first love among these rocks and walked three generations of family dogs along its occasionally cobbled walkways.

Aand now, finally, I have brought the Linhof Super Technika here as well.

It is my quiet place, a place where I can simply be. My Copley Woods.

Imperfectly perfect.

Copley Woods
Copley Woods
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