Shooting Milton Keynes at 50 with a Linhhof 2×3

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A few weeks back I was sent on assignment to Milton Keynes to record the town on its 50th birthday.

The idea was to take a 50-year-old camera and use it to chart the changes in the town’s 50 years.

Turned out there was one problem. Fifty years ago, Milton Keynes agreed in principle. It was not built – as the saying about Rome goes – in a day. Rather, it has evolved over the decades into our present and will on into the future.

So but for a small handful of images, there were not really any before and afters to be had.

This changed the resulting feature significantly, as you can see here.

A few people have asked to see how the images look up close (they were scanned in using an Epson flat bed scanner). So, for anybody who cares, here you are! Shot on Kodak Ektar 120 roll film and with a Schneider Kreuznach 65mm f/8 lens, tripod mounted.

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